Conference on Semantics in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Welcome to CSHALS 2012! – February 22 - 24

Introducing the CSHALS 2012 Keynote Speakers:

Rinke Hoekstra, PhD
Knowledge Representation & Reasoning Group
VU University Amsterdam
Leibniz Center for Law
University of Amsterdam

Presentation Title:
The Knowledge Reengineering Bottleneck

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Isaac (Zak) Kohane, MD, PhD
Director, Children’s Hospital Informatics Program
Henderson Professor of Pediatrics and Health Sciences and Technology
Harvard Medical School (HMS)
Co-Director, HMS Center for Biomedical Informatics
Director of the HMS Countway Library of Medicine
Cambridge, MA, USA

Presentation Title:
SMArt Semantics for Clinical Healthcare Delivery

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Barend Mons, PhD
Scientific Director
Netherlands Bioinformatics Center
Biosemantics Group Leader, Leiden University Medical Centre

Presentation Title:
E-Science Dictates E-Publication - Nanopublications as a Substrate for In-silico Knowledge Discovery

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Chris Welty, PhD
IBM Research Scientist
T.J. Watson Research Center New York, USA

Presentation Title:
Inside the Mind of Watson

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Stephen Wolfram, PhD
Founder & CEO Wolfram Research
Wolfram Research
Champaign, IL - USA

Presentation Title:
Wolfram|Alpha and the Quest for Computational Knowledge

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As in past years, the 2011 conference was highly rated in the following areas:

  • Tutorial topics
  • Keynote speakers
  • Conference agenda
  • Conference logistics/organization

Past attendee comments included…

"I thought the speakers were excellent."

"Well conducted in terms of bioinformatics technology."

"Terrific conference and I learned a lot – felt like I was able to contribute something as well."

"Very good mix, a bit futuristic … but highly necessary to keep exposing to less technology savvy folks."

"Cambridge (MA, USA) is a good location, with good transportation links to regional, national, and international attendees."

93% of the 2011 attendees will recommend this conference to others. CSHALS is your place to be in 2012!