Conference on Semantics in Healthcare and Life Sciences (CSHALS)

Call for Presentations

updated October 27, 2011

** CSHALS 2012 Submission Site **

The ISCB Conference on Semantics in Healthcare and Life Sciences (CSHALS) is a forum for the presentation and discussion of semantics-based approaches and challenges currently faced in the Healthcare and Life Science Industry. The conference features keynote lectures, invited talks, selected oral presentations and posters.

New for CSHALS 2012!

The organizers are exploring opportunities to publish a proceedings of abstracts or full papers as part of CSHALS 2012! A full announcement will be made early in the fall.
Topics covered by CSHALS 2012 span the continuum between standards development and big data workflows - the scope between Life Science data representation and its analysis. Conference organizers are accepting abstract submissions for poster and oral presentations in the following topic areas:
  • Applications to Emerging Health Disciplines - Use of the semantic web integrative and distributed nature to support emergence of novel applications in health care
  • Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Analytics -semantic applications to inference and decision-making.
  • Clinical Applications - Semantic web exploits as part of medical care delivery.
  • Cloud, Parallel, and Distributed Computing - use of semantic technologies for representation and management of distributed computational resources and workflows.
  • Data Modeling: Ontologies, Taxonomies - practical application of knowledge engineering principles and techniques to data modeling.
  • Healthcare eScience: Translational Medicine, Pharmacogenomics - patient-centric use of semantic web technologies to handle the integration of clinical and biomolecular data.
  • Human Computer Interfaces - development of interfaces or design criteria that involve humans in the process of knowledge creation.
  • Linked Data - generation, representation, and management of data using the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and Linked Data principles.
  • Molecular Applications- Semantic web exploits in the biomolecular and biochemical domains.
  • Text Analysis, NLP, Question Answering - use of semantic technologies for processing natural language.

Key Dates

August 29, 2011
Call for Oral and Poster Presentations Opens
November 21, 2011
Call for Oral Presentations Closes
December 2, 2011
Oral Presentation Acceptance Notification
January 9, 2012
Call for Poster Closes
January 16, 2012
Poster Presentation Acceptance Notification
January 20, 2012
Registration Deadline: Accepted Presenters Required

Participants interested in presenting at CSHALS are required to submit a 500-word abstract organized according to the sections described below. This abstract will be printed in the conference program and available on-line.

The submissions will be reviewed using the following criteria:
The objectives and motivation, as an introduction of the application of semantics relevant to CSHALS. (Note specifically, with which of themes, stated in the call for participation, your work aligns)

- name or describe the semantic tools and technologies used and any relevant analyses.

- present the main accomplishment of the work - what capability has been added? What was the impact? Lessons learned? Advantate/Disadvantage of using a semantic approach achieved.

- present major theoretical contributions and practical implications of the study. This statement should be followed by specific recommendations.

Supporting PDF Document

In addition to the abstract, while not required, submitters are encouraged to upload a one-page PDF file in order to aid in the selection process. The supplemental PDF should only be uploaded to provide more information and context than is possible in the text abstract, such as figure(s), a description of character data, and/or a statement of the intended user community. PDFs that simply expand on the text of the abstract will be disregarded. This PDF will not be published and is intended for evaluation purposes only.

Please note:
CSHALS conference registration for accepted presenters must be completed by January 20, 2012 remain eligible to present at CSHALS. Payment of the conference registration fee is the responsibility of the presenter.