IO Informatics

Conference on Semantics in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Keynote Speaker - Ronald Collette, CISSP

Updated Jan 28, 2014

Chief Information Officer
Foundation Medicine
Cambridge, MA, USA

Presentation Date and Time:
Thursday, February 27 - 9:00 am

Presentation Title:

The Carpenter to the Screw: Well, I Have a Hammer. You Must Be a Nail

Big Data is the buzz word du jour for the media. But this phrase only scratches the surface of the problem-space that the Industry is faced with today. The issues of Fast Data extreme cardinality, disparate data formats, the demand for data mining, are but a few of the challenges that call for new approaches. A host of technologies from RDF to NLP hold tremendous promise in addressing many of these issues. During the presentation Ron will discuss the evolution, adoption, and state of computer science within Industry from the perspective of an applied engineer; and address some of the limiting factors that are hindering the adoption of Semantic Technologies.

From Punch Cards to Big Data, Mr. Collette has spent the better part of 3 decades working in the field of technology. During that time he has worked with in industries that encompass the various sectors aerospace, engineering, construction, finance, cyber security, life sciences, commercial food, and various entities within the federal government. This variety of experience, coupled with the innate need constantly push the envelope, has garnered him a reputation of solving difficult technical issues with practical solutions that blend mature and cutting-edge technologies.

Ron Collette is a regular speaker at a number of security and IT related events such as International Standards Organization (ISO) conference, SecureWorld Expo, ISMS, and InfoSeCon. He is also a regular columnist and research analyst for Computer Economics and has co-authored two books on information security. The CISO Handbook: A Practical Guide to Securing Your Company and the companion publication CISO Soft Skills: Securing Organizations Impaired by Employee Politics, Apathy and Intolerant Perspectives.  Both of these books are utilized as course material for a number of post-graduate programs on security leadership.