Education Committee

The Education Committee promotes worldwide education and training in computational biology as well as serving as a resource and advisor to institutions and industry interested in developing educational programs. Please visit for more information about the committee.

Co-chair: Nicola Mulder   Co-chair: Venkata P. Satagopam
Co-chair: Cath Brooksbank
Teresa Attwood Sarah Morgan
Erich Baker Francis Ouellette
George Bell Patricia Palagi
Panayiotis Benos Mark Pauley
Mainá Bitar William Pearson
Mark Borodovsky Helen Piontkivska
Michelle Brazas Mary Piper
Cath Brooksbank Shoba Ranganathan
James Coker Anne Rosenwald
Manuel Corpas Gabriella Rustici
Lynda Ellis Clare Sansom
Bruno Gaeta Vicky Schneider
Rachel Karchin Russell Schwartz
Alastair Kilpatrick Ozlem Tastan Bishop
Judit Kumuthini Celia Van Gelder
Ben Langmead Dennis Wang
Annette McGrath Tandy Warnow
Ann Meyer Tan Tin Wee
   Cathy Wu