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Institutional Membership Categories

INTRODUCING Institutional Membership Categories


The ISCB expands its membership option from solely individual memberships to now include institutional membership opportunities with a wide range of benefits.

Not-For-Profit Institutional Membership
Not-for-profit research organizations such as foundations, governmental research institutes and other institutions with a research program in Life Science Informatics (educational institutions such as universities and colleges are excluded).

For-profit Institutional Membership
For-profit organizations working in the Life Sciences sector including but not limited to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hard- and software manufacturers, consultants and publishers.

One representative of the institution shall be designated as the Institutional Member Liaison (IML) to ISCB for administration of the benefits below.

The Institutional Member organization may opt to be listed on the ISCB portal site with a short description and hyperlink to the organization’s website.

  • The Institutional Member organization may take advantage of the ISCB member conference registration discount up to five times per year for ISCB owned conferences - excludes affiliated and co-sponsored conferences. (A $1,100.00 value.)

    • All 5 registrations may be for the same ISCB conference, or they may be split up between various ISCB conferences.
    • The names and contact details of each conference registrant shall be designated by the IML prior to conference registration (refunds/credits will not be given for conference registrants that have not been pre-designated in this way).
    • The conference date must precede the institutional membership expiration date.
  • Up to 10 free job postings per year on the ISCB jobs portal. (A $2,250.00 value.)
  • Up to 15 online passes to the membership areas of the ISCB portal. (A $750.00 value.)

    • The names and contact details of the 15 individuals must be designated in advance by the IML and are non-transferable to other contacts in the course of the one-year institutional membership
    • The online passes expire on the institutional membership expiration date.
  • One representative, as designated by the IML, is invited to the ISCB affiliates and institutional members meeting held during the ISMB conference with board members of the ISCB.

Total Value of above Benefits: $4,100.00


Annual Fee
The annual fee for an Institutional Membership is $2,050 USD. This is 50% off the total value of the benefits detailed above when purchased separately. The Institutional Membership represents an exceptional opportunity for any organization dedicated to providing its personnel with many of the ISCB benefits offered throughout the year, particularly in the areas of education, recruitment and networking.

An ISCB Institutional Membership is not an endorsement of the institution in any way, and the Institutional Membership organization explicitly agrees not to advertise, promote or make this membership known in such a way as to imply any endorsement from ISCB. If ISCB, at its discretion, perceives the membership is presented by the organization as an endorsement, ISCB reserves the right to invalidate the institutional membership immediately, without obligation to refund fee(s) paid to-date.

If you are interested in an Institutional Membership please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.