The International Society for Computational Biology is a recognized 501(c)3 organization based in the United States of America.


The International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) is a scholarly society for advancing understanding of living systems through computation and for communicating scientific advances worldwide.


Society membership reflects commitment toward the advancement of computational biology. The ISCB is an international non-profit organization whose members come from the global bioinformatics and computational biology communities. The ISCB serves its global membership by providing high-quality meetings, publications, and reports on methods and tools; by disseminating key information about bioinformatics resources and relevant news from related fields; and by actively facilitating training, education, employment, career development, and networking. We advocate and provide leadership for resources and policies in support of scientific endeavors and to benefit society at large. 


The Society promotes the following values:


  • of the highest level in scientific publications, training and conferences
  • through collaborative interaction


  • through scientific integrity and the highest level of professionalism
  • by supporting collaborative science
  • through open sharing of data and resources
  • by acting responsibly and avoiding conflicts of interest


  • by strivig toward greater global diversity of our membership and leadership
  • with awareness and respect of differences in culture, geographic origin, affiliation, gender, age, level of expertise and area of scientific research


  • to our members, staff, scientific community and public at large
  • through human relationships
  • with efficient and effective use of resources
  • with a commitment to the application of computational biology for the benefit of humankind


  • with transparency and honesty
  • with respect for one another
  • through active listening
  • by seeking and using feedback for self-evaluation and decision-making
  • with openness to change

View the 2018-2021 ISCB Strategic Map (.pdf)