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GLBIO 2013 - Registration and Travel Awards Info

Dear ISCB Members, Colleagues, and Past GLBIO Attendees:

The Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference, an ISCB annual event for the North American Great Lakes region, is quickly approaching!

The conference provides an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of research findings and methods and development of long-term relationships and networking opportunities for researchers within the region, as well as from around the world. The 2013 program includes multiple opportunities for research presentation - tutorials and keynote addresses, selected original research presentations, highlights of published works, as well as flash presentations and posters. Your participation is encouraged!

GLBIO topic areas include: Algorithm Development & Machine Learning; Databases and Ontologies; Text Mining & Natural Language Processing; Bioimage Analysis; Biological Networks; Chemical Biology; Clinical Informatics & Epidemiology; Disease Models & Molecular Medicine; Evolutionary, Comparative, and Meta-Genomics, Gene Regulation & Transcriptomics; Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics; Personalized Genetics and Genomics: Exome, Genome, Transcriptome; RNA & Protein: Structure, Modification, Localizations, Interaction, Function.

This year's keynote presenters exemplify the diversity of the field within this region:

  • Ziv Bar-Joseph, Carnegie Mellon University (and recipient of the 2012 ISCB Overton Prize)
  • Jing Li, Case Western Reserve University

We look forward to your participation! Please help spread the word by sharing this information with your colleagues and collaborators.


Bruce Aronow, Elodie Ghedin, and Russell Schwartz

GLBIO 2013 Conference Chairs