ISCB Announces Results of the 2015 Officer Elections 

The Board of Directors of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) is pleased to announce the results of the recent officer elections. Members of the society elected the following as incoming officers beginning January 21, 2016:

Bruno Andre Gaeta, Ph.D.Treasurer – Bruno Andre Gaeta, Ph.D., University of New South Wales, Australia. Bruno is a Senior Lecturer in Bioinformatics and Program Director (Bioinformatics) with the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales.  His research interests are in the engineering of computer methods and software to better understand the immune system and especially the basis for the "memory" of the immune system and vaccines. Bruno is a current member of the ISCB Board of Directors and serves as co-chair to the ISCB Affiliated Groups Committee.

Terry Gaasterland, Ph.D.Vice President – Terry Gaasterland, Ph.D., University of California, San Diego, USA. Terry Gaasterland is a Professor of Computational Biology and Genomics at UCSD, and the Director of the Scripps Genome Center. Terry is currently developing and using computational methods to analyze genome and transcriptome sequence data and gene expression data to gain biological insights into an organism and making predictions about molecular processes. She is a current member of the ISCB Board of Directors and returning as an elected Vice President.

ISCB Student CouncilThis year's election also included ISCB Student Council leadership. The ISCB Board of Directors is pleased to announce the elected yo
ung professionals who will lead the ISCB Student Council (SC) in 2016.

• Chair – Pieter Meysman, University of Antwerp, Belgium
• Vice Chair – Alexander Junge, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
• Treasurer – Jakob Jespersen, Broad Institute, United States
• Secretary – Farzana Rahman, Unviersity of South Wales
• Student Council Representative to ISCB Board of Directors - Jigisha Anupama Darbha, Dublin, Ireland.

For additional information on ISCB's annual nominations and elections procedures please see

The next call for nominations of directors, officers and student council leaders will open February 2016, for terms beginning in January 2017.