International Society for Computational Biology

Polls are Open!

ISCB members have the privilege to nominate and elect members of the ISCB community to hold leadership positions. The 2020 open officer positions are Vice President and Secretary. The polls are now open for you to cast your vote for members who have accepted nominations for these leadership positions. It is your voice as a member of this prestigious organization to elect these officer positions. You are encouraged to take a moment to cast your vote.

Vice President
photo - Alex Bateman, Ph.D. photo - Nicola Mulder, Ph.D. photo - Russell Schwartz, Ph.D.
Alex Bateman, Ph.D.
Nicola Mulder, Ph.D. Russell Schwartz, Ph.D.
photo - Michelle Brazas, Ph.D. photo - Lucia Peixoto, Ph.D.
Michelle Brazas, Ph.D. Lucia Peixoto, Ph.D.
Cast your ballot for these important leadership positions
*ISCB members in good standing receive one vote for each open position. To access the ballot, log into My ISCB and click on the link provided in this email or the ISCB Election link in the left-hand menu.