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Day 1, Highlights & Recap!



Day 1: Highlights & Recap!


Thank you to everyone for joining ISMB/ECCB 2021 from all over the world and sticking with us through some technical issues.   We hope you found the first day full of innovation, stellar science and amazing opportunities!  See you tomorrow for another engaging and smoother day!

ISMB/ECCB 2021 began its 20th joint conference with an intense line up of sessions.  The first day culminated in the first live Poster Session and an interesting keynote address on Phylogenomics and Systems Biology approaches reveal conserved adaptive processes in Atacama Desert plants by the distinguished keynote Rodrigo A. Gutierrez. 

Cheat-Sheet Section/Platform Tips:
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Tomorrow, Monday, July 26: Highlights & Reminders

10:00 UTC: ISCB Town Hall Meeting (LIVE)
11:00 UTC: COSI Tracks: HitSeq, 3Dsig, CompMS, EvolCompGen,
Education, RegSys, BioVis, TransMed, Bio-Ont, NetBio
15:20 UTC: Research Exchange Forum includes Posters and Exhibitors / BoFs
15:20 UTC: 
Exhibitor Demos: PerMedCoE, EMBL-EBI, GOBLET, EMBL-EBI, de.NBI
16:20 UTC ISCB Overton Prize Keynote: Barbara Engelhardt
17:20 UTC:
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