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ISMB 2022

Day 4, Highlights & Recap

Day 4: Highlights & Recap!

With only one day left, ISMB 2022 gave us a day starting off with a stellar keynote, time to discover with exhibitors, and then dove right into 9 different tracks of science. 


Our fourth keynote address of the ISMB 2022 conference was from Dr. Ron Shamir, the ISCB Accomplishments by a Senior Scientist Award winner. Dr. Shamir‚Äôs talk was focused on the need for there to be a better understanding of disease. The current treatment methods in the medical field are a ‚Äúone treatment fits all‚ÄĚ approach, but what would be more beneficial to those in need of medical treatment, especially for cancer, would be a personalized diagnosis and a specific treatment tailored to the individual‚ÄĒand that is what Dr. Shamir‚Äôs research lab is hoping to better understand. They are aiming for a more intricate knowledge in basic science and medicine, with the goal of developing methods for personalized analysis. The suggested approach is for integrative methods, which will provide more robust findings overall, and allow for a more holistic and personalized solution to patient care and treatment.

Dr. Shamir‚Äôs lab has demonstrated the usefulness of integrated analysis through the development of algorithms, called Nemo and Domino, to detect similarities between cancers and detect crucial areas of active genes. There is also a focus on identifying driver genes specific to an individual, based on their personalized gene expression and mutation profiles‚ÄĒusing an algorithm called Prodigy‚ÄĒwith the hope of determining personalized treatment. A final aim of the research happening in Dr. Shamir‚Äôs lab is to be able to predict the risk a person has of developing cancer based on information gathered during routine checkups.¬†

COSI Recaps:

EvolCompGen COSI
It has been an exciting first day for Evolution and Comparative Genomics (EvolCompGen) COSI. We had the opportunity to listen to 13 talks covering a wide variety of subjects ranging from innovative phylogenetic reconstruction methods using supervised learning, likelihood-based co-estimation methods, LASSO-based methods for selecting appropriate sites in alignments, to innovative applications of phylogenetic trees for detecting somatic Single-nucleotide variants, inferring the evolution of cancer tumors, extending our knowledge on the evolution of pathogenic Liberibacter species, methods to trace fungal and fern trees, the evolution of the CRISPR-Cas systems, and reproducible workflows for phylogeny. Keep the discussions going by joining us on Slack and Twitter: bit.ly/join_evolcompgen and @EvolComp. Check out our posters on Juno and leave comments for the presenters too.
These talks are now available on ISMB On-Demand.

Don't forget to visit our exhibitors!

Start your final day off right at ISMB 2022.  Grab some coffee, meet the exhibitors and get ready to learn and discover. 

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Thursday, July 14: Highlights & Reminders

8:15AM - 8:30AM:  Morning Welcome 
8:30AM¬†- 9:30AM: ¬†ISCB Innovator Award Keynote:¬†N√ļria L√≥pez-Bigas,¬†Comprehensive identification of cancer driver mutations
9:30AM - 10:15AM:  Caffeinate and Connect with exhibitors (Grand Terrace)
10:15AM - 12:15PM: Morning Sessions: RegSys COSI, MLCSB COSI, BOSC COSI, 3DSIG COSI, MICROBIOME COSI, Evolution and Comparative Genomics COSI, Special Session: COVID-19, Bio-Ontologies COSI
12:15PM - 1:15PM:  Lunch and Ideation Hall (Posters on Display) Room: Exhibit Hall A (Level 1)
12:15PM - 1:15PM:  Protein Codeathon: Closing Project Discussions, Publication Timelines, and Suggestions
12:30PM - 2:00PM: Career Fair (Grand Terrace)
1:15PM - 3:15PM:   RegSys COSI, MLCSB COSI, BOSC/Bio-Ontologies joint session, 3DSIG COSI, MICROBIOME COSI, Evolution and Comparative Genomics COSI, Equity-focused Research Track, 
3:15PM - 3:45PM:  Refreshment Break
3:45PM - 4:45PM:  Sessions Continue
4:50PM - 5:15PM: Awards Presentations & Conference Closing Room: Madison CD


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