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The topnotch scientific programme is online!  Check out the poster presentations, scientific programme, and see what you could be missing.

ISCB-LA SoIBio BioNetMX 2022 Registration Deadline: OCTOBER 30!

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ISCB-LA SoIBio BioNetMX 2022 is pleased to offer the folllowing workshops and tutorials as part of the conference.  Register today.

Conference registration required to participate in the workshops and tutorials!

In-person Workshops & Tutorials (November 6): Computational Challenges in Phospho-Proteomics and Systems Biology of Cellular Signaling | Analysis of biological and biomedical transcriptomic data using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning methods (ML) methods with R| Contributing to pandemic surveillance with the global community, using the European Nucleotide Archive | Introduction to Reproducible Systems Computational Modeling Workflows Enabled by COMBINE Standards | Exploring Genes and Genomes Using Ensembl | Comparative Genomics: Pangenomics and genome mining

Virtual Workshops & Tutorials (November 7): GVViZ & PAS: Integrated bioinformatics and mobile applications for gene-disease data annotation, expression analysis, and visualization for translational research | Metagenomics | Construction of bacterial pan-genomes | Second Latin-American Bioinformatics Education Forum

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