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Get ready to build your knowledge and get hands-on training in cutting-edge areas in bioinformatics with the ISMB conference tutorials! 🧬

What can you expect from tutorials?

Tutorials offer participants the chance to gain introductory knowledge on key established topics in bioinformatics, discover emerging research areas, or refine advanced skills in familiar domains.

Click the button below to go directly to the tutorials page for the detailed schedule, or check out a sneak peek of tutorial titles below!

Tutorial Details

In-Person Tutorial Preview

  1. Advanced machine learning methods for modeling, analyzing, and interpreting single-cell omics and spatial transcriptomics data

  2. Just-in-time compiled Python for bioinformatics research

  3. Multi-omic data integration for microbiome research using scikit-bio

  4. Quantum-enabled multi-omics analysis

  5. Modelling Multi-Modal Biomedical Data Using Networks

  6. Creating and running cloud-native pipelines with WDL, Dockstore, and Terra

  7. Federated Ensemble Learning for Biomedical Data


Virtual Tutorial Preview

  1. A Practical Introduction to Large Language Models in Biomedical Data Science Research

  2. BioViz: Interactive data visualisation and ML for omics data

  3. Using LinkML (Linked data Modeling Language) to model your data

  4. Computational Approaches for Identifying Context-Specific Transcription Factors using Single-Cell Multi-Omics Datasets

  5. Explainability in Graph Deep Learning for Biomedicine


Don’t Forget!

The final day to register for tutorials is Monday, July 8. Tutorials will take place Friday, July 12, from 9 AM to 6 PM EDT.

 Note: You must be registered for ISMB in order to attend a tutorial.


Need to Update Your Registration?

If you’re already registered for ISMB 2024 but need to update your registration, please take the following steps:

  1. From your ISMB confirmation email (subject: ISMB 2024 Registration Confirmation), click the link that says “Click here to review or modify your registration”.

  2. After clicking the link, you will be brought to your ISMB 2024 Booking Confirmation (Receipt/Invoice) page.

  3. To the right of the itemized invoice on that page, there is a small map. Beneath that is a button to “Modify Registration” (see red arrow in accompanying image). Click this button to be taken to the page to modify/update your registration.

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