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Practicals in next-generation sequencing - Programming course in a generalist school can truly be fun, even in lockdown
By Marie Sémon

October 26, 2021 at 11:00AM EDT

Next-Gen Sequencing has become a staple tool in biology during the past decades. This makes it necessary to teach students how to perform analysis of such data. However, this is challenging, particularly for students unfamiliar with code and command-line tools. The Master of biology of the ENS de Lyon has set up a practical course where we teach students to set up a reproducible NGS data analysis pipeline to generate near-publication results from raw sequencing data. The students have to deposit their work on a git repository. We engage students by allowing them to choose from a broad range of projects, and strengthen group and student interaction through flipped-classrooms. Despite the need to host the course remotely due to the pandemic, we achieved great success (as evidenced by student feedback), through the use of virtual machines for computing, chat applications for communicating and screen-sharing, and much involvement on both students and teachers’ part.

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