ISCB Africa ASBCB Conference on Bioinformatics 2015


ISCB-Africa ASBCB Bioinformatics Conference invites the submission of full papers that have been published, or accepted for publication, between January 1, 2013 and the submission deadline, December 8, 2014. Publications that are "in press" and already linked on the journal web site by December 8, 2014 are also welcome.

Highlight submissions may cover any area of computational biology, but preferably within one of the topic areas listed below:

A group of experts will select the papers to be presented at the meeting considering the impact of the work on the field, the likelihood that the work will make a good presentation, and the relevance to biomedical research, in general.

Accepted presenters for the Highlights Track are required to make the presentation themselves, and must register and pay to attend the conference.

Submissions should include a 250-word Scientific Justification (abstract-like argument) that explains how the work of the submitted paper(s) is impacting the field.

Highlights Track: Submission Guidelines

PDF files of the papers, the 250-word Scientific Justification (support abstract) and a 150-word presentation description must be submitted through the automated system by December 6, 2014 (midnight by any time zone). No exceptions will be allowed.

Submissions should include the following:

Deadline is 8 December 2014

Notification of acceptance will be received in January 2015