20th Annual International Conference on
Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology

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Bioinform newsletter series on ISMB 2012

Bioinform newsletter has run a series of articles about aspects of the ISMB 2012 conference that are accessible with a subscription. Academics enrolling with their institution email address can subscribe to the newsletter for free to see any Bioinform content. (Subscribing with a non-institutional email address will trigger a payment request from the system, so be sure to use your academic address.) Below are the Bioinform articles:

BioMed Central blogging at ISMB

BMC Bioinformatics, Catherine Rice, Executive Editor, has published an overview of the conference on the BMC Series blog, http://blogs.biomedcentral.com/bmcblog/2012/07/26/bmc-bioinformatics-and-bmc-genomics-met-ismb-2012/

GigaScience Editor Scott Edmunds discusses the pre-ISMB Bioinformatics Open Source Conf (http://blogs.biomedcentral.com/gigablog/2012/07/16/searching-for-the-open-source-at-long-beach/)

BMC Publisher Iain Hrynaszkiewicz shares his contributions to a panel discussion on peer review standards. (http://blogs.biomedcentral.com/bmcblog/2012/07/24/how-do-we-standardize-peer-review-of-bioinformatics-software/)