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Conference Attendance

Child Attendance Information

ISCB conferences are professional events. Children of registered ISCB conference attendees are welcome to attend the conference with their parent or guardian, as long as younger children are under the supervision of a parent or guardian at all times. Parents or guardians may bring children to educational events provided the child does not disrupt the event.

Personal Consideration Room

A private room is available during the conference for nursing mothers and others with sensitive personal needs. Staff at the registration desk will direct you to the room. Please note that this room is not staffed and contains tables, chairs, and a waste basket. A restroom is located nearby.

Childcare Services

ISCB is unfortunately unable to provide childcare services. Attendees are encouraged to contact their hotel concierge to arrange individual or group childcare. Please check with your hotel well in advance of your arrival date.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the parent(s) and guardians requesting child care services to screen caregivers and to make a determination as to the appropriateness of the caregiver. ISCB does not screen childcare services and assumes no responsibility or liability with respect to these services.

Guest of Attendees

ISCB allows guests (defined as a non-scientist family member or non-scientist friend) of registered attendees. If you are a registered delegate who would like a non-scientist family member or friend to see your invited talk or poster presentation, please visit the registration desk to obtain a guest badge. Attendees may opt to purchase a guest pass that includes access to all planned receptions and meal functions of the conference.

Please note: All guest badges must be requested onsite at the registration desk.

Alcohol and Smoking


Beer, wine, non-alcoholic beer, and soft drinks may be offered during the meeting. Alcoholic beverages will be distributed per the laws and regulations of the country where the event is being held and may only be allowed in specific areas.

Smoking and Use of Tobacco

ISCB conference are tobacco-free events. Smoking and use of tobacco is permitted only in designated areas outside of the venue. Tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, are not permitted in the conference or at conference events.