Publishing in the ISCB Community Journal

All selected oral submissions will have the opportunity to be published as a long abstract (see guidelines), full research paper (see guidelines) or any other relevant article type such as a data note or a software article in the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) channel, guest edited by Cédric Notredame, Centre for Genomic Regulation, and Jen Harrow, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. This channel is part of the ISCB Community Journal (ISCB CommJ), which is published on F1000Research’s open science platform.

Publication in the channel will be an author-led process and all articles are published open access. The publishing and peer review processes are fully transparent and authors are asked to include detailed descriptions of methods and to provide full and easy access to source data underlying the results to improve reproducibility.

Publishing in the ISCB CommJ brings many benefits. Firstly work can be published in a matter of days after submission. All data and software code will also be made accessible to the reader and stored in the appropriate repositories. Once published the paper will then formally peer reviewed by invited peers from the community who will openly review the articles, and these reviews will be published alongside the article. As an author there is always the opportunity to have a dialogue with and respond to the reviewers comments and make revisions as necessary in new versions of the article. Once the article has passed peer review it will be indexed in Pubmed, Scopus etc.

Any posters or presentation slides that are presented can also be freely deposited in the channel, allowing you to extend the visibility of your work beyond the conference hall. The Next Generation Sequencing channel has been created to foster the rapid sharing of, and debate around next generation sequencing and aims to become a hub of research for the topic.