Hosted by the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) and the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), this year’s edition of ISCB in Barcelona will be dedicated to Genome Annotation.

It is a dedicated meeting on cutting-edge approaches to the processing and analysis of Genome Annotation methods. It will bring together bioinformatics researchers involved in the development of genome annotation methods, along with biologists interested in the establishment and annotation of new reference genomes. The conference will address a wide range of issues including RNASeq-based genome annotation, non-coding RNA analysis, proteomics data integration and data visualization. Sizeable space will also be dedicated to emerging and future trends in genomics including eco-system analysis and novel reference genomes.

Topics include:

  • State of the art technologies, and technologies under development
  • Novel software and algorithms
  • Novel applications of NGS technologies in genomics and biology
  • Post genome sequencing analysis, including RNA analysis, transcription factor binding sites profiling, histone modifications, nucleosome positioning, copy number variation, genotyping, RNA structure, dynamics of transcription and translation, etc.
  • Research breakthroughs based on exhaustive applications of NGS
  • Clinical and translational applications
  • Applications to agriculture and biotechnology
  • Novel Reference genomes

The conference will also aim to encompass the associated computational challenges:

  • Novel algorithms, methods and pipelines
  • Comparative benchmarks of methods
  • New visualisation software for NGS

Original Research submissions will be accepted for oral presentation, as well as Poster abstracts.