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Providing a platform to present research and a forum to network and collaborate are two key aims of ISCB.  With these aims in mind, we are piloting a new program - ISCB Posterpalooza.  ISCB Posterpalooza is a 24hour event based on a Twitter take-over concept.  On March 10, 2021, starting at 9 AM EST, ISCB will take over twitter, with your help, by flooding the twitter-sphere with posters related to bioinformatics and computational biology. Registered participants will post their poster and use #compbiotakeover and #ISCBposterpalooza to promote the event  The submitted research for the event will also be part of an online repository with video presentations.  Presenting authors will be given an assigned table via ISCB virtual networking platform to discuss the poster with interested members of the community.

How to Participate as a Presenting Author:

  • Register your poster presentation (both published (presented at a previous conference, upcoming conference, or journal publication) and unpublished work) at https://www.iscb.org/cms_addon/registration_conference/posterpalooza, registration fees apply
    • Title
    • Authors and institution
    • Up to 250 word abstract
    • Keyword mapping; ISCB Community of Special Interest mapping
    • Indicate if research is published or unpublished
      • If published, provide the publication the DOI or conference listing link
    • Submission system will ask for the following in english
    • Submitting authors will also have the opportunity to submit the same poster information in their native language
  • Prepare your twitter poster (twitter poster guide from Mike Morrison)
  • Submit your pre-recorded 3-5 minute presentation and poster PDF/PNG/JPG to ISCB, submitting a second file of the information if you choose to also submit in your native language
  • Select your available networking and discussion times on March 10 from 9:00 AM EST - March 11, 8:59 AM EST
  • Get camera ready and be at your assigned table during the times you have noted availability

No expectations or extensions will be granted.

Presenting Author Registration Fees:

ISCB Members: FREE!


High Income Countries

Middle-low Income Countries

Low Income Countries





Postdoctoral Fellow








***Registration includes a one year membership to ISCB***
***Registration includes discounts to future ISCB conferences in 2021***


How to Participate as a Nonpresenter:

  • Add the ISCB Posterpalooza to your calendar! - can we provide a downloadable link?
  • Set your twitter feed to pull up #compbiotakeover and #ISCBposterpalooza on March 10.
  • Come back to this webpage on March 10, 2021, to access to the poster viewing hall (repository) and networking connection link to meet with the authors

Viewing the posters and networking with the authors is complimentary to the ISCB research community.  Networking will be available from 9:00 AM EST, March 10, through 8:59 AM EST, March 11.  Author available networking times will be listed on each individual poster entry.  The poster viewing hall will open starting at 9:00AM EST, March 5 and will remain open throughout the event and after for 7 days.  Presentations that have given permission will also be available after the event on ISCBtv under the ISCB Posterpalooza 2021 playlist.

Posters presented during this event will not be scientifically peer reviewed.  A simple quality check of the submission will be performed.  ISCB does not guarantee any number of networking opportunities for the presenting authors.  ISCB will promote the event diligently to its community via its many communication channels and asks the author to also self promote via their individual communication channels.

This ISCB activity will be conducted using ISCB A Safe Space (Code of Conduct). All authors and viewers will be required to adhere to the code of conduct as set forth in this policy.  In the event you need to contact the ISCB ombudspersons, you may do so via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Ombudspersons will also be present throughout the event. 

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For questions about ISCB Posterpalooza please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..