11th Annual Rocky Mountain Bioinformatics Conference


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Rocky 2013 to be held again at Viceroy in Snowmass:

130 Wood Road
Snowmass Village, Colorado 81615 USA
Phone: +1 970 923 8000
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December 12 - 14, 2013

Welcome to the eleventh annual Rocky Mountain Bioinformatics Conference, a meeting of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB). The organizers hope that you enjoy the program, and find the conference a productive opportunity to meet researchers, students and industrial users of bioinformatics technology.

The Rocky series began eleven years ago as a regional conference, and has grown into an international program with a spotlight on regional development in the computational biosciences. The presenters of the Rocky conference are scientists representing a broad spectrum of universities, industrial enterprises, government laboratories, and medical libraries from around the world. The meeting is a chance to get to know your colleagues near and far, seek collaborative opportunities, and find synergies that can drive our field forward.

We hope you enjoy the science, the company, and the spectacular scenery of the Rocky Mountains. Welcome!

Larry Hunter
Rocky 2013 Conference Chair


Gary Bader, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Toronto, Canada

Pathway Analysis of Genomics Data – from Correlation to Causation
Greg Carter, Ph.D.
The Jackson Laboratory
Bar Harbor, ME USA

Modeling Genetic Complexity with Integrated Interaction Analysis across Multiple Phenotypes
Chijioke O. Elekwachi, Ph.D.
University of Nottingham, UK

eMBRLitMine and eMBRHelper: Bioinformatics Approaches for Improved Microbial Bioremediation Outcomes
Benjamin Good, Ph.D.
Senior Staff Scientist
The Scripps Research Institute
La Jolla, CA, USA

The Cure: A Game with the Purpose of Gene Selection for Breast Cancer Survival Prediction
Melissa Haendel, PhD
Assistant Professor
Oregon Health & Science University
Oregon, USA

Tales from the Crypt: Do You Know Where Your Data Has Been?
Kirk E. Jordan, PhD
IBM Distinguished Engineer
Emerging Solutions Executive & Assoc. Program Director
Computational Science Center
IBM T.J. Watson Research
Cambridge, MA, USA

Solving Life Sciences Problems Requires Systems that Optimize the Workflow
Peter Karp, Ph.D.
Director, Bioinformatics Research Group
Artificial Intelligence Center
SRI International
Menlo Park, CA, USA

A Flux Balance Analysis Model of E. coli K-12 MG1655 Derived From the EcoCyc Database
Catherine Lozupone, Ph.D.
Anschutz Medical Campus
Aurora, CO USA

Application of Network Analysis to the Human Gut Microbiota and Use of Comparative Genomics to Understand the Driving Factors of Microbial Associations