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2018 ISCB Art in Science Competition * = required field
Submission Deadline: June 05, 2018 (12days, 6hrs, 1min)

Please review carefully. Information will be used for the website as entered.

Note: this webpage's session will timeout in 1 hour.
If you have problems please contact: submissions@iscb.org

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You are required to submit a 250-word abstract (text) explaining the artwork(s) that will be posted on the conference web site.
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By submitting artwork to the VRS event the artist gives permission to the ISCB to display this work and reproductions thereof during ISMB and in materials associated with this and future ISMB events, such as program booklets, (electronic) newsletters, promotional brochures and websites.
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You must enter information for each co-author of the abstract (Please do not include the presenting author listed above), and then select the 'Commit Info' button. This may be left blank if you are the only author. If you are submitting long strings, they may appear truncated. You may mouse-over the text to see it displayed in full.
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You may upload one image in PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF or PDF format or one video in MPG format. The file size of images must not exceed 25 MB. Videos must be no longer than 4 minutes, can be with or without sound and must be less than 100 MB in size. The maximum resolution for videos is 1024x768 pixels but we recommend the resolution of videos to be around 640x480 pixels.
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Additional Images/Videos for Projection Only:
 All videos and images for a projection should be submitted here. An image for the exhibition in physical form Should be submitted above as the "Presentation file"