ISCB-LS SoIBio BioNetMX Wikipedia Competition

The ISCB-Latin America SoIBio BioNetMX 2022 conference is please to host it’s first ever Wikipedia competition association with the conference.  The competition is structured after the ISCB and the Computational Biology taskforce ( of WikiProject Molecular Biology ( annual program. 

The competition accepts wikipedia entries in both English and translation of English to a native language.  Spanish and Portuguese translated entries strongly encouraged. It's open to students and postdocs, either as individuals or as groups. Prizes for first, second, and third place will be awarded during the closing ceremonies of the ISCB-Latin America SoIBio BioNetMX 2022 conference. 

The competition will open on 1 May 2022 and close on 15 September 2022. For each entry that is claimed in the competition, the difference in quality between these two dates will be reviewed. Contributions made before the opening date or after the closing date will not be counted, although contributions may be made at any point within the competition period.

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