Picture: 2002 Overton Prize Winner, David Baker (photo credit: University of Washington/Mary Levin

2002 Overton Prize Winner - David Baker

The winner of this year’s Overton Prize, David Baker, associate professor at the University of Washington and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, delivered the Overton Lecture on the last day of ISMB2002. In the keynote talk, titled "Predication and design of protein structures and protein-protein interactions," Baker thanked the ISCB, "for this great honor." He then reviewed his research as well as explaining the contributions of his colleagues. Baker said, "It’s an exciting time because we can create new molecules that do all kinds of interesting things."

Larry Hunter, the founder of the ISCB and current Board member, introduced Baker. "David’s contributions to the field are many and excellent," he said. Hunter mentioned the CASP4 competition and said, "Thanks on behalf of the bioinformatics community for unraveling one of our most interesting problems."

The ISCB Awards Committee unanimously selected Baker to receive the Overton Prize for his work in applying computational science to drug design, genetics, and health care, and, in particular, the Rosetta algorithm, which predicts protein structure.

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