Overton Prize

The Overton Prize was established by the ISCB in memory of G. Christian Overton, a major contributor to the field of bioinformatics and member of the ISCB Board of Directors who died unexpectedly in 2000. The annual prize is awarded for outstanding accomplishment to a scientist in the early to mid stage of his or her career, with a guideline of up to a decade post degree, who has already made a significant contribution to the field of computational biology either through research, education, service, or a combination of the three.

Past ISCB Award Recipients

2015 Curtis Huttenhower
2014 Dana Pe'er
2013 Goncalo Abecasis
2012 Ziv Bar-Joseph
2011 Olga Troyanskaya
2010 Steven E. Brenner
2009 Trey Ideker
2008 Aviv Regev
2007 Eran Segal
2006 Mathieu Blanchette
2005 Ewan Birney
2004 Uri Alon
2003 Jim Kent
2002 David Baker
2001 Christopher B. Burge