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2015 Overton Prize and Accomplishments by a Senior Scientist Awards


Access the nomination form HERE. Nomination deadline is Dec. 2nd.

ISCB awards include the Overton Prize and the Accomplishment by a Senior Scientist Award. The Overton Prize is awarded to an early career scientist and the Accomplishment by a Senior Scientist Award is in recognition of highly significant, long term career achievement. These are the most prestigious international awards designated exclusively to researchers in the field of computational biology/bioinformatics, and winners of both awards deliver keynote talks at ISCB’s annual meeting. ISMB/ECCB 2015 will be held in Dublin, Ireland, July 10-14, 2015.


Nominations from all regions of the world are submitted annually, and the selection of award winners is made by an international panel of current and past ISCB Board members.


The complete award nominations policies and procedures can be viewed here.


Overton Prize:

Accomplishment by a Sr. Scientist Award:
2001 Christopher B. Burge 2003 David Sankoff
2002 David Baker 2004 David Lipman
2003 Jim Kent 2005 Janet Thornton
2004 Uri Alon 2006 Michael Waterman
2005 Ewan Birney 2007 Temple Smith
2006 Mathieu Blanchette 2008 David Haussler
2007 Eran Segal 2009 Webb Miller
2008 Aviv Regev 2010 Chris Sander
2009 Trey Ideker 2011 Michael Ashburner
2010 Steven E. Brenner 2012 Gunnar von Heijne
2011 Olga Troyanskaya 2013 David Eisenberg
2012 Ziv Bar-Joseph 2014 Gene Myers
2013 Goncalo Abecasis    
2014 Dana Pe'er