• NEW!  Updated Nov. 27: Preliminary Program Book for download – CLICK HERE (PDF)
  • ISCB Africa ASBCB Conference Call for Late Poster Submissions
  • Thanks to the support of KAUST Investigator Dr Anna Tramontano, who is organizing a symposium on "Systems view of biological organisms" as part of the main conference, we will be able to offer 20 full fellowships (valued at up to $1,700 each) to cover travel expenses, registration and accommodation for Africans attending ISCB Africa ASBCB.
  • Tulio Oliveira (SANBI/South Africa) confirmed workshop on the usage of phylogenetic analysis to define the origin of HIV virus from simians (Chimpanzees and Sooty Mangabeys monkeys)

  • Confirmed Workshop Speakers Christine Orengo (UCL/London), Anna Tramontano (La Sapienza/Rome)