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Links to current job openings are provided below. Please contact the employer directly if you are interested in applying for a position, or for corporate postings, make contact with their representatives at the Job Fair recruitment event during the conference. Please check these postings regularly, as they will be updated up to the beginning of the conference.


Aventis Pharmaceuticals
Cambridge Genomics Center Openings

Cellomics, Inc.
DataVisualization/GUI Developer (WB3)
Web Developer/Master (WB4)
Java Technical Lead (WB5)

Entropia, Inc.
- Bioinformatics Application Engineer
- Bioinformatics Business Development Director
- Bioinformatics Marketing Director

Genetics Institute
Multiple opportunities

Bioinformatics Modeling Scientist
Bioinformatics Applications Developer

Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Multiple opportunities

Molecular Simulations Inc.
All opportunities


Parabon Computation
Biotech Sales Engineer
HPC Scientist
Senior Product Manager

Pfizer Global R&D, La Jolla
Research Scientist - Structural Bioinformatics

Physiome Sciences Inc.
Information Architect
Senior XML Analyst
Scientific Applications Developer

ProCeryon Biosciences Inc.
Bioinformatics Scientist - Sequence
Bioinformatics Scientist - Structure
Scientific Applications Manager

Protein Pathways, Inc.
Bioinformatics Researcher

Structural GenomiX
Multiple opportunities


Baylor College of Medicine
Faculty Positions in Biocomputing

Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project
Bioinformatics staff positions

Brenner Group at UC Berkeley
Multiple Opportunities

Carnegie Mellon University
Faculty Position in Computational Biology

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Postdoc Fellowships

German Cancer Research Center
Bioinformatics scientist and PhD student

Mouse Genome Informatics at The Jackson Laboratory
Scientific Software Engineers
Sybase System Administrator
Scientific Curators

Protein Data Bank
Staff Positions

Resource Center of the German Human Genome Project
Research Assistant / Bioinformatician

Roland Dunbrack's Lab at Fox Chase Cancer Center
Post-doctoral position

South African National Bioinformatics Institute
Faculty Position

The Norwegian EMBnet node, Biotechnology Center of Oslo, Norway
Postdoctoral position in computational analysis of genomes

UC Irvine-Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Faculty Position in Computational Structural Biology or Bioinformatics

UC San Diego-Section of Cell and Developmental Biology
Faculty Position in Bioinformatics/Functional Genomics

UCSD Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty and postdoctoral positions

University of Kentucky, College of Pharmacy
Faculty Position - Pharmacolgenomics/Proteomics

University of Michigan
Postdoc positions in Computational Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics and Computational Molecular Biophysics

University of Minnesota
NLM Postdoctoral Training in Bioinformatics

Watson School of Biological Sciences
Two Postdoctoral Fellows in Computational Genomics / Bioinformatics