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Job Fair Coordinator: Eric Scheeff, 858-822-0875,

Note: Registration deadline for Job Fair has been moved up to July 28.

JOB FAIR PARTICIPATION: $500 per company, free for major sponsors and exhibitors. (Registration must be received by July 3 for company name to be included in the printed program book. Registration deadline for participation is July 28. This is an absolute deadline, and registration and payment must be received by this date.)


  • Participation in the Recruitment Event on Sunday, Aug 20
  • Scheduled Interview Room during the conference
  • Job posting links to ISMB site

Twenty one percent of attendees at the 1999 meeting were students and with an expected attendance this year of nearly 1000, your company or research group can expect to have access to many highly talented and specialized people. The UCSD Career Center's 16 interview rooms will be available for conducting on-site interviews. Interview rooms will be open August 21-23, from 8AM - 4:30PM.


Recruitment Event
During lunchtime (from 11:45-1:30) on Sunday, Aug 20, tables will be set up outdoor on the Library Walk (right beside the Price Center) for each company participating in the job fair. The aim is provide a focused, informal setting for the recruitment of potential employees and the promotion of your company to future job seekers. You will be provided with a table and a chair for your representative(s). There will be no electrical or internet hookups available. Companies requiring these facilities and/or demonstrating products should sign up for Exhibit Space.

Interview Rooms
A block of reserved time in an interview room will be provided to each company for discussions with prospective employees during the conference. Additionally, a small group of interview rooms will be available for use on a first-come, first-served basis from August 21-23.

Posting Job Listing Links
Companies participating in the job fair are strongly encouraged to post job ad links on the ISMB 2000 site well prior to the conference. There will be no additional charge for this service. Your company’s ad will be visible to all on the ISMB site, and job seekers will be encouraged to contact you if they believe they might be suited for the position. It is expected that employers and prospective employees will arrange their own meeting times via personal communication.

There is no limit on the type of positions that may be advertised and interviewed for in the job fair. Positions outside of the immediate bioinformatics focus of the conference are encouraged. The job listings will be public and prospective employees from the surrounding biological and computational community will be allowed to interview regardless of their conference registration status.

To allow time for proper room and table organization, the deadline for notification of the ISMB organizing committee of intent to participate in the job fair is July 28. Companies entitled to free participation in the fair (because they have purchased an exhibit space or are a major sponsor) must still notify of intent to participate prior to this date. Notification should be made by printing and completing the attached form.

Academic researchers are invited to post job ad links on the ISMB 2000 site free of charge. Non-profit institutions desiring participation in the on-location events (job fair recruitment event and interview room reservation) must register and pay the corporate fee as outlined above.


Prior to the Conference
Job seekers are invited to post resume links on the ISMB 2000 site free of charge. Potential employers will be encouraged to contact you directly if they are interested in scheduling an interview. You may also contact employers directly based on job postings on the ISMB 2000 site, and make appointments for interviews during the ISMB conference. Check the job postings site often, as new employment opportunities will be added up to the beginning of the conference.

During the Conference
Be sure to bring your resume to the Job Fair recruitment event on Sunday Aug. 20, from 11:45-1:30, on the Library Walk (immediately west of the Price Center). This event will allow job seekers to informally meet with company representatives and sign up for interviews if appropriate (i.e. it is a traditional "job fair" event). This event also offers the future job seeker a chance to learn more about some of the leading companies in the field of bioinformatics.

If you have scheduled interviews prior to the conference or at the recruitment event, they will take place at the Career Services Center (southwest of the Price Center, along the Library Walk).

All postings should be submitted as:

1) A simple URL link to your remotely hosted information.
2) A brief title for the link (ex. company and job title(s) , or your name for resumes)

Unfortunately, we cannot host actual web pages on the ISMB site. Only links will accepted, and a maximum of three links on the Job Postings page will be allowed for each participant. Send postings to

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