Representing late-breaking research topics, the ISMB 2000 posters cover several areas of research. 275 posters will be presented in 12 categories on three different days. ISMB 2000 attendees can view the posters in the Library and Theater Lounges of the UCSD Price Center as listed below. Poster sessions will include all-day viewing with a two-hour session at the end of each day during which authors will be present to describe their research.

All posters will be displayed in the Library and Theater Lounges of the UCSD Price Center. Directions are available at

Awards for the best posters will be given in a plenary session on Wednesday, August 23 at 4:20pm in the Price Center Theater.

Poster Sessions
Session Title
Sunday, August 20 Complex Biological Networks
Whole Genome Analysis
Protein Structure Prediction
Monday, August 21 Databases, Information and Knowledge Management
Protein Families
Protein Structure
Protein Targets
Tuesday, August 22 Evolution
Gene Expression
DNA and RNA Structure
Sequence Analysis - Gene Finding, Alignment Techniques

ISMB 2000 wishes to thank the following individuals for serving as poster session judges:
Michael Ashburner, Tim Bailey, Geoff Barton, Steve Brenner, Roland Dunbrack, Lynn Ten Eyck, Peter Karp, Suzanna Lewis, Victor Markowitz, Reinhard Schneider, Ilya Shindyalov, Rainer Sprang, Gary Stormo, David Wild, and Ralph Zimmer

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