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Welcome to Fortaleza!

Why Fortaleza?

Do's & Dont's


Try - Brazil's regional food is rich as it is varied. Be curious and taste a little of everything. Eating is the best way to capture the flavor of a country.

Buy - Brazilian beachwear, such as bikinis (for women) and Bermuda shorts (for men) are among the most famous, charming and cheap in the world.

Barter - Never accept the first price that street vendors offer you. To barter and haggle are part of the very pleasure of buying and selling.

Speak - You don't have to be fluent in Portuguese, but to know a few words in the local language will cause a good impression and will make Brazilians proud of their country and they'll also appreciate your efforts.

Smile - Even if no one understands your language, they'll understand your gestures. Brazilians are a natural happy people and smiling is a part of everyone's day to day.


Overexposure - Brazil is a hot country with intensely sunny days. Don't overdo it by staying hours under the hot sun while at the beach. You're sure to be laughed at if you get your skin pink instead of tanned!

Flowered shirts - Brazil is not Hawaii and its official holiday clothes don't necessarily include garish and extravagantly colored shirts. Be more discreet if you don't want to draw unwanted attention.

Slippers-and-socks combination - Socks, in Brazil, are used only with covered footwear, such as shoes or sneakers. It is a hot country and one doesn't need socks when wearing slippers or sandals.

Downtown nightlife - With few exceptions, the downtown or central areas of Brazil's major cities are only frequented commercially by daylight. At night they are largely deserted and are often dangerous. Ask proper guide or a local friend for advice.

Criticizing the country - Brazilians are always making jokes about their own sorrows and problems, but they are patriots above all else and don't take kindly to foreigners picking on their shortcomings.

Warm beer - Beer in Brazil is only and always icy cold, or stupidly cold as Brazilians say. To ask for beer that is not cold or to complain that it is too cold get people poking fun at you in no time.

EnjoyBrazil Magazine - Year 1 #2

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