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Welcome to Fortaleza!

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Did you know?

Here are some curious facts about Brazil that probably no one ever told you about

The fifth in the world: Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world in size, only losing to Russia, Canada, China and the U.S., respectively.

Two among the ten: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the two main cities in Brazil and they are among the ten most populated in the world.

From the end to end: To get an idea of just how large Brazil is, it is enough to say that to go from one end of the country to the other one has to spend more than six hours aboard a Boeing on a non-stop flight.

Air success 1: And talking about airplanes, Brazil is among the major world commercial aircraft manufacturers, exporting its planes to several countries.

Air success 2: The city of São Paulo has the largest private helicopter fleet in the world.

40% is still untouched: Brazil is so large that, albeit its development, more than 40% of its area is still covered by native vegetation.

A cultural soup: Brazil was colonized by the Portuguese but suffered the influence of many other cultures. In the state of Santa Catarina there are entire towns that only speak German. And, in certain areas of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Italian is spoken more than Portuguese.

More women than men: According to the last census, Brazil has more women than men. In some countryside towns, the proportion can reach two to one.

Natives to this day: Within the Amazon forest there are still over 50 native tribes that have never had any contact with white man.

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