Highlights Track Chair
Burkhard Rost, Columbia University

Highlights Track Area Highlights Track Area Chairs
Systems Biology and Proteomics

Joel Bader, Johns Hopkins University

Michal Linial, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Protein Structure and Function

Nir Ben-Tal, Tel Aviv University

Ivet Bahar, University of Pittsburgh

Arne Elofsson, Stockholm University

Ralf Zimmer, Ludwig Maximilian University

Anna Tramontano, University La Sapienza

Michael Nilges, Pasteur Institute

RNA World Ivo Hofacker, University of Vienna
Genomes & Evolution

Janet Kelso, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Terry Gaasterland, University of California

Jaap Heringa, Amsterdam University

Networks, Interactions and Regulation

Vincent Schachter, Genoscope

Alfonso Valencia, Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO)


Predrag Radivojac, University of Indiana

Reinhard Schneider, EMBL

Text Mining Andrey Rzhetsky, Columbia University
Methods and Databases

Barbara Bryant, Millennium Pharmaceutical. Inc.

Mona Singh, Princeton University

Toni Kazic, University of Missouri