**ISMB/ECCB 2007 Industry Track: Call for Proposals Closed**

**Industry Track Submission Site**

Industry Track

The Industry Track of the ISMB/ECCB 2007 conference aims to bring together people from both academia and industry in a venue that highlights innovative applications and practical impact studies of Life Science Informatics.

The Industry Track is a special track at the ISMB/ECCB conference that runs in parallel with the regular ISMB tracks. Conference participants will get a slot of app. 25 minutes to present their work, demonstrate software (optional), and answer questions.

The presentation should describe the business/scientific problem, the approach used, the current state of the project, an evaluation of the benefits, and future developments. The presentation will give you the opportunity to present your organization to the Life Science Community and let especially young scientists know how Life Science Informatics is used in your organization. We ask therefore that the talks should focus on the scientific content and should not be used for sales pitches.

The talks will be featured in the main conference program. More importantly, the sessions will be highlighted in specially arranged venues at the conferences, where all attendees from the conference are able to participate.

Submissions must include a 250-word abstract-like text that explains what will be presented and a PDF file with the (at least draft version of the) presentation slides.


The cost to present during the Industry Track at ISMB/ECCB 2007 is (Does not include conference registration):

  • Registered Sponsors of ISMB/ECCB 2007: Free
    (Does not apply to “Student Travel Fellowship” Sponsors)
  • For profit organization: US$2000

Presenters will be contacted by ISMB/ECCB 2007 regarding presentation acceptance, schedule, logistics and payment. Payment should not be made until organizations receive notification of acceptance.

Industry Track: Deadlines

Submission Schedule Highlights Tracks
November 17, 2006 — Industry Track Call for Presentations Opens
March 23, 2007 — Industry Track Presentation Submission Deadline
April 23, 2007 — Industry Track Acceptance Notification

The Industry Track selection committee will evaluate all submissions if they apply to the guideline.

All PDFs of the presentation slides together with the covering 250-word text that explains how the presentation suit into the track will have to be submitted through the automated system by March 23, 2007 (midnight by any time zone). No reason will exempt submissions from this deadline.

The editors will notify speakers of the acceptance by April 23, 2007.
The selected talks will be presented in the Industry track that run in parallel to the main ISMB/ECCB meeting, July 22-25, 2007. All presentations will have to be completed within 20 minutes and will be followed by 5-minute discussions.

Industry Track: Review criteria

All submissions will be evaluated by the following criteria:

  • Relevance, interest, and value of the topic to ISMB/ECCB attendees,
  • Scientific content of the presentation,
  • “Presentability” of the work to a large, diverse audience,

These “soft” criteria attempt to capture the underlying concept, namely the presentation of interesting seminars that will both contribute to the success and attraction-value of ISMB/ECCB and to the impact the meeting has on advancing Life Science Informatics.

Industry Track: Submission guidelines

The PDFs of the presentation slides and the covering 250-word argument that explains how the presentation suit the selection criteria will have to be submitted through the automated system by March 23, 2007 (midnight by any time zone). There will be no exception.
Submissions will include the following:

  • Name/affiliation of submitter (assumed to be the speaker).
  • Contact information (for speaker).
  • 250-word limited abstract-like Abstract that explaining the content of the presentation.

Note that we will need PDF submissions; the system will neither be able to handle ASCII, nor Word, nor LaTeX, nor anything other than standard PDF. It is the responsibility of the submitter to verify that the PDF is completely viewable/printable by all major operating systems (LINUX, MacOS, Windows).

**Industry Track Submission Site**