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WABI - Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics
Norway - Bergen

Hosted by:University of Bergen, Norway
Venue:Radisson SAS Royal Hotel
Dates:Sep 14, 2004 through Sep 17, 2004

Call for Papers or Oral Presentations:2004-02-01 through 2004-04-16
The Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics covers research in all aspects of algorithmic work in bioinformatics and computational biology. The emphasis is on discrete algorithms that address important problems in molecular biology, genomics and genetics, that are founded on sound models, that are computationally efficient, that have been implemented and tested in simulations and on real datasets and that provide new biological results. The goal is to present recent research results, including significant work-in-progress, and to identify and explore directions for future research.
Additional Information
Event URL:http://www.ii.uib.no/algo2004/wabi2004/
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