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CHI’s 12th Annual Structure-Based Drug Design
United States - MA - Cambridge

Hosted by:Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Venue:Royal Sonesta Hotel Boston
Dates:Jun 06, 2012 through Jun 08, 2012

Structure-based drug design took nearly two decades of multiple, parallel technological improvements to arrive at its current mainstream position in medicinal chemistry. Developments in computer graphics, high-power radiation sources, computational processing power, refinement protocols, virtual screening and crystallography were all necessary to create the environment for rapid, iterative structure-based drug discovery. Given the crisis facing the pharmaceutical industry in the translation of early stage drug discovery results, a different set of tools, concerned with algorithms and methods for developing best in class drugs that engage biological targets with kinetically optimized potency and selectivity will need to be refined. In this conference, we bring to focus recent advancements in this field from an experienced faculty.

* Structure to Function
* Free Energy Calculation and Molecular Dynamics Simulation
* Fragment-Based Design
* Druggability and Kinetics-Based Drug
* Trends and Advances
Additional Information
Event URL:http://www.healthtech.com/sbd
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