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CAGI 2013 Conference
Germany - Berlin

Hosted by:Critical Assessment of Genome Interpretation
Venue:Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics
Dates:Jul 17, 2013 through Jul 18, 2013

Event Registration:2013-06-16 through 2013-06-22
Early Registration Deadline:2013-06-15
The Critical Assessment of Genome Interpretation (CAGI, ’kā-jē) is a community experiment to objectively assess computational methods for predicting phenotypic impacts of genomic variation and to inform future research directions. In this assessment, participants are provided genetic variants and make predictions of resulting phenotype. These predictions are evaluated against experimental characterizations by independent assessors. The CAGI experiment culminates with a community workshop and publications to disseminate results.

The goals of the experiment are:
1. To evaluate the capability of state-of-the art methods to make useful predictions of molecular, cellular, or organismal phenotypes from genomic data.
2. To identify bottlenecks in genome interpretation that suggest especially critical areas of future research.
3. To highlight innovations.
4. To standardize the field by suggesting appropriate assessment methods and defining what is required for accurate prediction.
5. To engage and connect researchers from the diverse disciplines whose expertise is essential to methods for genome interpretation.

The conference to discuss the outcome of the 2012-13 CAGI experiment will be held at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin, Germany on 17-18 July 2013 (the two days preceding the ISMB 2013 SIGs).
As with the previous conferences, the aim of this CAGI Conference is to disseminate the results of the most recent CAGI experiment and assess our collective ability to make accurate and meaningful predictions of phenotypes from genomic information. CAGI assessors and selected predictors will give the majority of the talks at the conference, with significant time allocated for discussions.
Additional Information
Event URL:http://genomeinterpretation.org
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