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NETTAB 2014 From high-throughput structural bioinformatics to integrative systems biology
Italy - Torino

Hosted by:University of Torino and IRCCS AOU San Martino IST
Venue:Molecular Biotechnology Center (MBC)
Dates:Oct 15, 2014 through Oct 17, 2014

Call for Papers or Oral Presentations:2014-04-02 through 2014-07-21
Call for Posters:2014-04-02 through 2014-09-01
Early Registration Deadline:2014-07-31
NETTAB 2014 is the 14th edition of a series of workshops of international level devoted to Network Tools and Applications for Biology.

The NETTAB 2014 Workshop will be a joint event with the Crystal (cl)Year meeting, in the International Year of Crystallography 2014, and it will be followed by the annual meeting of the Centre for Complex Systems in Molecular Biology and Medicine.

The workshop may then represent a virtual bridge between these two events, showing how to manage and elaborate structural and high-throughput proteomics data so that it may be integrated with information from genomics and other life sciences disciplines with the aim of reaching a richer description and a deeper understanding of mechanisms and interactions in the involved system: the human being and its physiological and pathological states.

The topics of the workshop will therefore relate to methods, tools, applications, and perspectives on structural bioinformatics, proteomics and integrative systems biology. These issues are very relevant for several research communities which are invited to join forces and create synergies for an interdisciplinary effort aimed at developing new tools at the interfaces of these disciplines.

Keynote Speakers
Wolfgang Marwan, Otto-von-Guericke Universität, Magdeburg, Germany
Ram Samudrala, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Torsten Schwede, University of Basel, Switzerland
Ada Yonath, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel (Nobel Laureate)

Submissions are welcome for oral communications and for posters. All abstracts must be submitted through the NETTAB 2014 EasyChair submission page.

Accepted abstracts will be printed in the conference proceedings. No Copyright form or permission is required, since this won’t be an official publication.

BioMed Central (BMC) agreed to publish two post workshop Supplements with best full papers from presentations, both oral and poster, given at NETTAB 2014.

Francesca Cordero (University of Torino, Italy)
Paolo Romano (IRCCS AOU San Martino, Italy)
Torsten Schwede (University of Basel, Switzerland)

Under the Patronage of (confirmed only)
+ Italian Society of Bioinformatics (BITS)
+ Polish Bioinformatics Society (PTBI)
+ Rete Ligure di Bioinformatica (ReLiB)
Additional Information
Event URL:http://www.nettab.org/2014/
ISCB Member Discount:10 percent
Restrictions:Fixed discount of 30.00 € for registration fees up to 300.00 €
Contact Person:Paolo Romano ([javascript protected email address])

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