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6th RECOMB Satellite Workshop on Computational Cancer Biology
United States - CA - Los Angeles

Hosted by:University of California, Los Angeles
Venue:UCLA Campus
Dates:Jul 28, 2017 through Jul 29, 2017

Call for Papers or Oral Presentations:2017-03-14 through 2017-04-14
Event Registration:2017-03-01 through 2017-07-28
Early Registration Deadline:2017-05-29
6th RECOMB Satellite Workshop on Computational Cancer Biology


UCLA Campus, Los Angeles, California

July 28-29, 2017


Cancer research is undergoing a revolution driven by the application of high-throughput techniques such as genome sequencing, single-cell analysis, miRNA profiling, and mass spectrometry. Today’s high-throughput techniques are capable of performing in-depth characterization of tumor samples and producing large collections of data that have implications for both basic biology and clinical translation. Cancer is a disease of tremendous complexity; thus, the analysis and interpretation of this data with a systems biology approach demands sophisticated, specialized computational methods. This workshop brings together leading researchers in the mathematical, computational and biological sciences to discuss advances and open questions in cancer research.


This meeting will focus on applying statistical and algorithmic approaches to improve our understanding of cancer and on the development of useful, effective and efficient new methods in this area. The emphasis of contributed work will be on developing and applying statistical, mathematical and algorithmic approaches to improve our understanding of cancer. The workshop will partially overlap with the RECOMB-Genetics Satellite Workshop, which takes place on UCLA campus immediately after the UCLA Computational Genomics Summer Institute.


Methods for analysis of high-throughput sequencing or microarray data, with application to cancer
Inference of somatic mutations, copy number aberrations, structural rearrangements, and other genomic aberrations from high-throughput sequencing or microarray data sets
Clonality analyses and tumor evolution
Epigenetic variation (e.g., methylation profiling, methyl-seq, ChIP-seq analysis) applied to cancer
Transcriptome analysis and assembly, alterative splicing, and fusion gene analyses from RNAseq data
Applications of single-molecular and nanopore sequencing technologies to cancer
Pathway analysis and network reconstruction with a focus on cancer biology
Cancer proteomics
Data integration from multiple molecular assays
Additional Information
Event URL:http://computationalgenomics.bioinformatics.ucla.edu
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Contact Person:Eleazar Eskin ([javascript protected email address])

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