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2nd Interdisciplinary Signaling Workshop
Hungary - Pest County - Visegrad

Hosted by:Tamas Korcsmaros
Venue:Hotel Visegrád
Dates:Jul 17, 2017 through Jul 21, 2017

Call for Papers or Oral Presentations:2017-02-15 through 2017-03-31
Travel Fund Apps:2017-02-15 through 2017-03-31
Event Registration:2017-02-15 through 2017-05-31
Early Registration Deadline:2017-03-31
Building successful interdisciplinary collaborations to address problems in cellular signaling is becoming increasingly important, as the size of datasets and diversity of different experimental approaches continues to increase. We have designed the program of this second Interdisciplinary Signalling Workshop to help support further development and deployment of such approaches, building on the success of the previous workshop (run in 2014). The program of this workshop aims to promote:

- networking, collaboration, and a sense of community amongst scientists in the field of cellular signaling
- professional development, and interaction with more established scientists, of early career researchers
- interdisciplinary approaches and studies in the field, in particularly incorporating bench and computational approaches

The workshop addresses these aims by:

- inviting talks from both computational, and bench, science experts, who work using diverse approaches to studying cellular signaling
- incorporating small-group project work sessions, in which scientists from diverse disciplines work together to plan approaches to addressing specific problems in signaling research selected for their good fit to interdisciplinary approaches
- significant time allocated during the workshop for purely social networking activities
- choosing location and dates to make it easy and convenient for participants to combine participation of the ISW and the ISMB/ECCB

The dates of the workshop were selected to make it easy for participants to combine attendance of both the workshop and ISMB/ECCB in Prague. The final day of scientific discussion at the workshop is July 20th, ISMB/ECCB begins on July 21st. We will ensure that participants of the workshop are able to easily get from Visegrad to Prague for the start of ISMB/ECCB.

Confirmed speakers include:

- Gary Bader, University of Toronto, Toronto, CA
- Andreas Bender, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
- Federica Di Palma, Earlham Institute, Norwich, UK
- Jasmin Fisher, Microsoft Research and University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
- Toby Gibson, EMBL, Heidelberg, DE
- Ruth Nussinov, National Laboratory for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, USA
- Balazs Papp, Institute of Biochemistry, Biological Research Centre, Szeged, HU
- Evangelia Petsalaki, EMBL-EBI, Hinxton, UK
- Natasa Przulj, University College London, London, UK
- Attila Remenyi, Institute of Enzymology, Budapest, HU
- Burkhard Rost, Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany
- Julio Saez-Rodriguez, RWTH-Aachen University, Aachen, DE
- Vera Van Noort, University Lueven, Lueven, BE
- Andrei Zinovyev, Institut Curie, Paris, FR
Additional Information
Event URL:http://signalingworkshop.org/
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