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CAGI** Workshop
United States

Hosted by: Steven Brenner, Predrag Radivojac
Venue: Boston, Massachusetts
Dates: Sep 29, 2023 through Oct 01, 2023

Call for Proceedings Presentations: 2023-07-01 through 2023-09-01
Call for Posters: 2023-07-01 through 2023-09-01
Travel Fund Apps: 2023-08-05 through 2023-09-08
Event Registration: 2023-08-05 through 2023-09-08
Early Registration Deadline: 2023-08-04
The CAGI** workshop will reflect on the accomplishments of the six rounds of the Critical Assessment of Genome Interpretation (CAGI) and seek to shape our vision for the future.

The meeting will feature sessions related to the current state and the future of variant impact prediction and clinical genome interpretation. Clinical applications will include genetic diagnosis for Mendelian conditions, germline cancer risk ascertainment and somatic variation assessment, and polygenic score-based risk stratification for complex phenotypes. We will especially focus on the impact of emerging data resources and new methodologies, such as large language models. We aim to engage participants within and beyond the traditional CAGI community. Prior to the meeting, we will feature salons for visioning and proposing maverick ideas, for interested participants.

Talks, panels, poster sessions and follow-up discussions will address questions such as: What are the outstanding challenges in the field and what are the best ways to address those challenges responsibly? What is the current state of variant impact prediction methods, what are the advances and what are the bottlenecks? What data will be available in the future, what are their strengths and limitations, and how can they be incorporated in the study of germline and somatic variation? What innovative evaluation strategies are necessary for assessing the performance of prediction methods? How can we maximize benefits in exploration, discovery, diagnosis, and treatment? How can we engage and support a broad, diverse community of participants and facilitate their career development?

We welcome all participants and will be able to offer fellowships for some participants. We look forward to stimulating debates and fruitful discussions on the future of genome interpretation and the role of CAGI.
Additional Information
Event URL: https://genomeinterpretation.org/cagi-star-star.html
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