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ISCBacademy - Exploring the Potential and Risks of Third-Generation Long-Read Transcriptome Sequencing for Unraveling Transcriptome Complexity.
Virtual Event

Hosted by: ISCB
Venue: Virtual Event
Dates: Nov 07, 2023 through Nov 07, 2023

Third-generation long-read sequencing technologies offer the potential to sequence entire transcripts and unravel the intricacies of transcriptomes. However, the analysis of long-read transcriptomics (lrRNA-seq) data presents numerous challenges. These challenges encompass distinguishing biological variability from technical noise, accurately predicting transcript models, providing precise estimates of transcript expression levels and differential expression, and elucidating the biological significance of isoform diversity. In my presentation, I will showcase the research conducted in my laboratory that addresses these challenges. Moreover, I will discuss how, through the implementation of appropriate experimental techniques and bioinformatics approaches, lrRNA-seq has the capability to unveil fresh insights into the biology of the transcriptome.
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Event URL: https://www.iscb.org/iscbacademy
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