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EMBO Practical Course C. elegans: from genome editing to imaging
Germany - BW - Heidelberg

Hosted by: EMBL Heidelberg
Venue: EMBL Advanced Training Centre
Dates: Jun 09, 2024 through Jun 15, 2024

C. elegans is a popular experimental model that combines transparency, reproducible anatomy, traceable cell lineage, sequenced genome and facile genetics, allowing to dissect animal development, physiology, and behaviour across scales of genes, cells and tissues. This 7-day course will present experimental practices in C. elegans research, while introducing historic and up-to-date findings in various research topics.

Each day includes lectures, practicals, student poster presentations and interactive discussions with faculty. Various methodologies commonly employed in C. elegans research will be presented in parallel practicals with rotating student groups by relevant experts. These experimental techniques span forward and reverse genetics, genome editing, lineaging, imaging approaches for live and fixed samples using light and electron microscopy, computational image analysis and other useful web resources. Meanwhile, lectures by internationally established researchers will present a variety of C. elegans research topics, spanning studies of the genome and epigenome, through cell cycle and death, to tissue specification, connectivity, and function. A combination of senior and junior speakers will ensure a balanced view of pioneer breakthroughs and recent advances in the topics presented as well as the students’ interactions with researchers of different topics and career levels.

Additional Information
Event URL: https://www.embl.org/about/info/course-and-conference-office/events/cel24-01/
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