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3Dsig: Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Biophysics
Brazil - Fortaleza

Hosted by:ISCB
Venue:Ceara Convention Center
Dates:Aug 04, 2006 through Aug 05, 2006

Call for Posters:2006-01-01 through 2006-05-01
Event Registration:2006-01-01 through 2006-08-04
Early Registration Deadline:2006-06-26
We are happy to announce the second 3Dsig meeting on Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Biophysics. This 2-day intensive Special Interest Group of ISMB-2006 will bridge in time and science between the ISMB and SwissProt20 meetings. In addition to a balanced mix of invited talks, talks selected from submitted abstracts and panel discussions, we will have a unique laptop session where presenters can have a unique opportunity to present and discuss their work on screen.

Relevant topics include:
* Structure representation, Structure prediction, Structural genomics
* Docking: protein-protein and protein-ligand interaction prediction
* Structural databases and 3D datamining
* Structure-based function prediction
* Prediction, assignment and analysis of secondary structures and domains
* Membrane protein structure prediction and analysis
* The role of geometry and energetics in protein structure and function
* Protein dynamics and simulation: folding, stability, interactions, conformational gating
* Computer aided protein design
* Structure-based drug design and pharmacophore analysis
Additional Information
Event URL:http://www.weizmann.ac.il/3dsig/
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