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InCOB 2003
Malaysia - Penang

Hosted by:Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment of Malaysia
Venue:Shangri-la Rasa Sayang Resort
Dates:Sep 08, 2003 through Sep 10, 2003

InCoB is an annual international conference initiated by the Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Network (APBioNet). The main objective of the InCoB is to provide a platform for experts and budding bioinformaticians to discuss and exchange ideas and thoughts on the development of bioinformatics in the Asia Pacific region. The first conference was successfully held in Bangkok in 2002 and following on this tradition, InCoB 2003 will be held in the lush tropical island of Penang in Malaysia.

The importance of bioinformatics in the face of the ever-increasing amounts of biological data cannot be denied and it is for this reason that scientists in the Asia Pacific region are striving to use database management, artificial intelligence, data mining and knowledge representation to provide key solutions to the questions posed by their research, particularly on local resources of economic and strategic importance.

InCoB 2003 provides for an international forum that will present cutting-edge computational biology applications and findings on interdisciplinary research such as molecular evolution, health, agriculture, microbes and tropical diseases and on sequence and structure analysis. We welcome submission of abstracts that discuss the conceptual and practical issues of the various topics on computational aspects of bioinformatics research. The organizing committee looks forward to an exciting and challenging programme and warmly invites you to this tropical paradise for a feast of intellectual stimulation and warm hospitality.
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Event URL:http://cgat.ukm.my/incob/
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