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International Bioinformatics Master

University/Institute: Vrije University Amsterdam (VU)
Location: Netherlands - Amsterdam
Focus: Other: Comprehenisve tracks in Bioinformatics and in Systems Biology
Recommended Undergraduate Degrees: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math/Statistics
Degree Offered: MS/MSc/MA/M.Eng (< 1 year)MS/MSc/MA/M.Eng (Major/Primary Degree)

Key characteristics of program:

This joint international 2-year bioinformatics masters program (120 ECTS) at both the Vrije Universiteit and University of Amsterdam features comprehensive tracks in bioinformatics and systems biology, while amalgamation is also possible. The first-year programme combines four joint compulsory bioinformatics courses (6 ECTS each), three specialised compulsory courses (6 ECTS each) for each of the two tracks and three optional courses (6 ECTS each), where students can choose from a wide range of possibilities. During the second year, a major and minor internship (60 ECTS in total) will be carried out at the Centre for Integrative Bioinformatics VU (IBIVU) or at a host of partner institutions, including academy, medical institutions and companies in The Netherlands or abroad.

Students will be assisted in a flexible manner by a team of lecturers. Every student is allocated a mentor to help put together the Masters programme that suits him or her best, using a flexible approach and in full consultation. Tuition is in English.

Program Goals:

Graduates of the programme are expected to have:
1. Developed a good sense of science
2. A high level of problem solving ability
3. Bioinformatics method development skills
4. Systems Biology modelling skills
5. Biological data analysis skills
6. Systems Biology HPT measurement and data generation skills
7. Scientific communication skills
8. Broad scientific knowledge, particularly pertaining to bioinformatics and computational biology.

Additional Information

Year Program Established: 2003
Scholarships/assistanceships may be available: Yes
Type of academic terms: Semester

Average number of applicants per year: 60
Average number of applicants accepted per year: 40
Average number of incoming students per year: 37
Average number of graduates per year: 35

Program URL: http://www.vu.nl/en/programmes/international-masters/programmes/a-b/bioinformatics-msc/index.asp
Syllabus URL: http://ibivu.cs.vu.nl/teaching/

Contact Person: Anton Feenstra ( k.a.feenstra@vu.nl )

Last updated: Apr 27, 2015

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