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International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) "From Molecules to Organis

University/Institute: University of Tübingen
Location: Germany - Tübingen
Focus: Bioinformatics
Recommended Undergraduate Degrees: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math/Statistics
Degree Offered: Ph.D/DSc (4 years)Ph.D/DSc (Major/Primary Degree)

Key characteristics of program:

Our PhD program in the life sciences places special emphasis on interdisciplinary interactions. We want to train the next generation of scientists to study complex biological processes that cannot be adequately understood within the limits of a single discipline. By combining methods and approaches from different scientific fields, our students aim to address topics inaccessible to isolated research areas.

Around 50 young scientists are currently working towards their PhD in our program; just over a third come from Germany, the rest from around the world. Twenty-five eminent group leaders provide project supervision, plus expertise and infrastructure across the following traditionally separate fields:

We offer:

- Cutting-edge research projects and excellent facilities
- Full funding through doctoral fellowships
- Structured support through a personal thesis advisory committee
- Supporting curriculum with many optional courses
- International environment with English as the working language
- Personal assistance with relocation

Our program is based in Tuebingen, a hotspot for science and research in southwest Germany. Tuebingen is home to one of Germany’s oldest universities and numerous top-level research institutes. Compact and friendly, with a beautiful medieval town centre, modern Tuebingen has a lively, international feel, with cultural and entertainment opportunities to rival larger cities. For international travel, Stuttgart International Airport is reached in 20 minutes.

A new application round is running right now till 29th of February 2020.

More information and online application at http://www.imprs.tuebingen.mpg.de

Program Goals:

We want to train the next generation of scientists to study complex biological processes that cannot be adequately understood within the limits of a single discipline. Traditionally separate fields covered include:
- Biophysics
- Bioinformatics & computational biology
- Biochemistry & structural biology
- Molecular & cellular biology
- Developmental biology & genetics
- Genomics & proteomics
- Microbiology & microbiome science
- Evolutionary biology & ecology

Additional Information

Year Program Established: 2011
Scholarships/assistanceships may be available: Yes
Type of academic terms: Semester

Average number of applicants per year: 400
Average number of applicants accepted per year: 15
Average number of incoming students per year: 15
Average number of graduates per year: 4

Program URL: http://www.imprs.tuebingen.mpg.de/

Contact Person: Dipl. biol. Sibylle Patheiger ( imprs@tuebingen.mpg.de )

Last updated: Jan 29, 2020

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