Junior Bioinformatician

Harvard School of Public Health

HSPH Bioinformatics Core / Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center


*About us*

Harvard NeuroDiscovery serves neuroscientists from across the Harvard Medical School community and beyond, providing a range of core facilities, research platforms and funding opportunities to investigators that seek to understand the nervous system and to use that understanding to reduce disease burden. We embrace the broad spectrum of neurobiological investigation, from the most fundamental research, through applied translational research. We also promote a more collaborative biomedical neuroscience research community. For more information, please visit www.neurodiscovery.harvard.edu

As part of a new initiative, Harvard NeuroDiscovery is partnering with the Harvard School of Public Health’s Bioinformatics Core (HBC, http://compbio.sph.harvard.edu/chb) to provide support in computational biology to our community.

*About the position*

We seek a computational biologist to provide dedicated bioinformatics expertise to neurobiology investigators at Harvard Medical School and throughout the Harvard and affiliated research hospital community. The initial focus is on next generation sequencing support including ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, exome-Seq and whole genome sequencing.

This is a rare opportunity to participate in world-class neurobiology research. You will be working directly with researchers on a range of projects, including molecular biology approaches to studying nervous system development, investigations into how neuronal activity controls gene expression, and transciptomic-, metabolomic- and proteomic-based biomarker discovery.

The successful candidate will join an established and growing bioinformatics team that provides a comprehensive portfolio of research computing, next generation sequencing and functional analysis support to the Harvard School of Public Health, the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and the MGH Center for Regenerative Medicine.

*About you*

You have a background in biomedical or quantitative science and a strong interest in working with researchers in neurobiology. You thrive on scientific challenges, enjoy collaborating with an interdisciplinary team and excel at communicating and coordinating between programmers and wet-lab scientists alike. Learning and applying new methods is natural for you, and you are motivated to continuously expand your skills. Working on different projects and deadlines, frequently in collaboration with other staff members doesn’t intimidate you.

*The details*

You will support a range of neurobiologists, providing data management, quality control, data analysis, and presentation of results expertise. Projects are usually a mix of short-term support tasks and long-term collaborations; most support tasks and methods should eventually transition into standardized workflows. You will need broad experience in several bioinformatics domains such as microarray analysis (mRNA, miRNA), sequencing (RNA-seq, ChIP-seq) or functional analysis. You will work closely with CHB staff to analyze incoming data, implement scalable solutions and workflows, and integrate them into the existing frameworks (e.g., https://github.com/chapmanb/bcbio-nextgen).

* PhD in a biomedical or quantitative science (or equivalent experience)
* Evidence of working directly with wet laboratories to perform analyses
* Excellent written English and a familiarity with presenting biological results
* Strong interpersonal skills
* Demonstrated programming experience in shared development projects
* Strong computational experience (scripting languages, code repositories, HPCC/Cloud computing)


* Familiarity with best practices in different sequencing workflows
* Experience with R/BioC
* Competency in statistics

Job Information
Position Type: Bioinformatician
Reference (Job ID number):
Start Date: ASAP
Duration: Full Time
Status: open

Contact Information
Harvard School of Public Health
HSPH Bioinformatics Core / Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center
Oliver Hofmann
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