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Committee Structure and Overview

Affiliates Committee Overview:

  • membership: one representative for each affiliate (and a designated alternate representative), appointed Chair(s), elected Representative to the Board of Directors
  • responsibilities:
    • examines ways to foster collaboration and networking at regional levels
    • establishes procedures for the program
    • brings forward concerns and makes suggestions for new initiatives
    • Representative to the Board of Directors is a chair of the committee,  voting member of the Board of Directors, and liaison of the committee to the Board of Directors
    • Chair(s) oversee(s) all activities and processes of the Affiliates Committee, Affiliates Council and Affiliates Review Board

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Affiliates Review Board Overview:

  • membership: the ISCB Treasurer, the Affiliates Committee’s Representative to the Board of Directors, at least two at large1 members of the ISCB Board of Directors, and the Chair(s) of the Affiliates Committee
  • responsibilities:
    • reviews applications and annual reports
    • approves/denies applications
    • makes decisions about Tier and funding levels

Affiliated Groups Review Board:

Cath Brooksbank (At-large member of the ISCB Board of Directors)
Bruno Gaeta (Co-chair of the Affiliates Committee)
Janet Kelso (ISCB Treasurer)
Christian Schӧnbach (Representative to the Board of Directors, Co-chair of the Affiliates Committee)
Nicola Mulder (At-large member of the ISCB Board of Directors)
Lonnie Welch (Co-chair of the Affiliates Committee)

¹At-large is a designation for members of a governing body who are appointed to represent the whole membership.  This person will be a non-affiliate organizer appointed by the Board who serves as a Director of the Society.

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Affiliates Council Overview

  • membership: the Affiliated Review Board and one representative for each Tier 3 affiliate
  • responsibilities:
    • provides input to the Review Board re. applications, and tier/funding levels
    • provides recommendations for new programs or incentives

Affiliated Groups Council:

Alan Christoffels, ASBCB
Javier De Las Rivas, SOIBIO
Diasuke Kihara, GLBC
Christian Schӧnbach, APBioNet

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