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Volunteer leaders, invested in the future of the Society and the field bioinformatics and computational biology, are the backbone of ISCB.

2019 Board of Directors

  • A Board of Directors is nominated by the membership and elected by the standing Board each July.
  • An Executive Committee is composed of the elected Officers of the Society.
  • Committees and Advisory Councils take on specific roles and tasks to advance the Society initiatives.
  • The ISCB Student Council (link to https://www.iscbsc.org/) promotes the development of the next generation of computational biologists.
  • Professional staff support all of these efforts.

All Board, Officer, Committee, and Advisory Council members are volunteer leaders serving varying terms. Without their tireless support, ISCB would not be the organization that it is.  Learn more about the Leadership Elections here and update your membership profile to express interest in getting involved in one of our committees or advisory councils.

2019 Student Council Members